Adverb Phrases

Adverb phrases are words or expressions that can be substituted for adverbs. An adverb phrase performs the same function as an adverb does. Examples are: very soon, rather hurriedly, with great pleasure etc.

Read the following sentences:

Carefully is an adverb showing the manner in which Susie drives. With care is a phrase which means the same thing as carefully and does the work of an adverb. Hence it is an adverb phrase which can be substituted for the adverb carefully.

Some adverbs can be changed into an adverb phrase. Similarly some adverb phrases can be changed into adverbs. Not all adverbs can be changed into an adverb phrase. Note that most adverb phrases begin with a preposition. There are, nevertheless, exceptions to this rule.

In the following examples adverb phrases are substituted for adverbs.

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