Adverbs with two forms worksheet for grade 7

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate adverb.

1. Cyanide is a ------------------poison.

a) deadly b) dead

2. Tension ran -------------------

a) high b) highly

3. They treated him ------------------

a) bad b) badly

4. I am ---------------- sure.

a) dead b) deadly

5. He was ---------------- drunk.

a) dead b) deadly

6. The party was ------------------ amusing.

a) high b) highly

7. The ball hit me ----------------- on the nose.

a) right b) rightly

8. The joke fell -------------------

a) flat b) flatly

9. He is always ------------------ for work.

a) late b) lately

10. He ate ------------------- anything.

a) hard b) hardly

11. I can ------------------- recommend this book.

a) high b) highly

12. The door was ------------------- open.

a) wide b) widely

13. I haven't watched any films ----------------------

a) lately b) late

14. My friends are ------------------ vegetarians.

a) most b) mostly


1. Cyanide is a deadly poison.

2. Tension ran high.

3. They treated him badly.

4. I am dead sure.

5. He was dead drunk.

6. The party was highly amusing.

7. The ball hit me right on the nose.

8. The joke fell flat.

9. He is always late for work.

10. He ate hardly anything.

11. I can highly recommend this book.

12. The door was wide open.

13. I haven't watched any films lately.

14. My friends are mostly vegetarians.

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