As If And As Though Worksheet For Class 7

Combine the following sentences using as if or as though.

The expressions as if and as though are used to say what a situation seems like. They both mean the same.

Study the sentences given below.

She behaves like a rich woman. Maybe she is a rich woman.

We can combine these two sentences using as if and as though.

She behaves as if / as though she is a rich woman.

Here the present tense used after as if / as though suggests that the comparison is real.

To suggest that a comparison is unreal we use a past tense after as if / as though.


She talks as if she knows everything. (Maybe she knows everything.)

She talks as if she knew everything. (Unreal comparison; she doesn't know everything.)

Combine the following sentences using as if / as though.

1. We had met before. Yet, he treated me rather strangely.

2. He screamed in great fright. One might think he had seen a ghost.

3. He was not ill. Still he walked very slowly.

4. He spends lavishly. But he is not a millionaire.

5. He is not mad. He behaves like a madman.

6. The boys shouted loudly. One might think that they had won a prize.

7. He is not blind. Still he walks with a stick.

8. He sat there smiling. One might think that it was his birthday.


1. He treated me as if we had never met before.

2. He screamed in great fright as if he had seen a ghost.

3. He walked very slowly as if he was ill.

4. He spends lavishly as if he were a millionaire.

5. He behaves as if he was/were mad.

6. The boys shouted loudly as if they had won a prize.

7. He walks with a stick as if / as though he were blind. (In unreal comparisons we often use were instead of was.)

8. He sat there smiling as if / as though it was his birthday.

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