Preposition At

At is a word used to show the place, direction, time or manner of something.

After some verbs, at is used to indicate the target of a perception or non-verbal communication. Common examples are look, smile, wave, frown, point.

At is also used after some verbs referring to attacks or aggressive behaviour. Common examples are shoot, laugh, throw and shout.


At is used to talk about position at a point.

Sometimes we use at with a larger place, if we think of this as a stage on a journey or a meeting place.

At is particularly common with proper names used for buildings or organizations.

We generally use at to talk about addresses.

At can be used with a possessive to mean at somebody’s house or shop.

At is also used before the names of group activities.

At a party
At a meeting
At a concert
At a lecture
At a match


We use at with clock times.

At night means during any night.

We use at to talk about the whole of the holidays at Christmas, New Year, Easter and Thanksgiving.

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