CBSE Class 5 English Grammar | Simple Present Tense Worksheet


In the simple present tense the verb takes the marker -s when the subject is a singular noun or a singular pronoun (he, she, it). The verb does not take the marker -s when the subject is a plural noun or a plural pronoun (you, they, we).


The verb does not have the -s ending when the subject is the first person singular pronoun I.


Complete the following sentences using appropriate present simple form of the verbs given in the brackets.

1. Supriya ----------------- English very well. (speak)

2. Margaret ----------------- crowded cities. (dislike)

3. My sister ----------------- in Thailand. (live)

4. My daughter ----------------- a lot of time with her pet dog. (spend)

5. If you ----------------- hard, you will pass the test. (work)

6. Birds ----------------- in the sky. (fly)

7. Sophia ----------------- a six figure salary. (earn)

8. She ----------------- her parents every week. (visit)

9. Water ----------------- at 100 degree Celsius. (boil)

10. Children ----------------- about. (rush)

11. Mechanics ----------------- cars. (fix)

12. A stich in time ----------------- nine. (save)


1. Speaks; 2. Dislikes; 3. Lives; 4. Spends; 5. Work; 6. Fly; 7. Earns; 8. Visits; 9. Boils; 10. Rush; 11. Fix; 12. Saves

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