Change Affirmative Sentences Into Negative Sentences Without Changing Meaning

Change the following affirmative sentences into negative sentences without changing their meaning.

An example is given below.

He is tall.

We can express the same idea in another way.

He is not short.


1. India is a very big country.

2. She is old.

3. She is happy.

4. He rejected our plea for help.

5. Does anyone enjoy poverty?

6. I have forgotten his name.

7. She always arrives on time.

8. She has very few friends.

9. It was a stupid idea.

10. She seemed interested in the offer.


1. India is not a small country.

2. She is not young.

3. She is not sad.

4. He did not accept our plea for help.

5. No one enjoys poverty.

6. I can hardly remember him name.

7. She is never late.

8. She hardly has any friends.

9. It was not a brilliant idea.

10. She did not seem uninterested in the offer.

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