Change Negative Sentences To Affirmative Sentences Without Changing Meaning

Change the following negative sentences into affirmative sentences without changing their meaning. An example is given below.

She is not honest.

We can express the same idea in another way.

She is dishonest.


1. You are not very kind.

2. She was not present.

3. He is never late for meetings.

4. She is not obedient.

5. This is not a big problem.

6. You are not allowed to enter my home.

7. You have not paid your fee.

8. He was not given admission.

9. She was not allowed to enter the house.

10. We must not make insensitive remarks.

11. There aren't many apples on the tree.

12. She doesn't have many friends.

13. I didn't get good grades.


1. You are unkind / cruel.

2. She was absent.

3. He is always on time for meetings.

4. She is disobedient.

5. This is a small problem.

6. You are forbidden from entering my home.

7. You have failed to pay your fee.

8. He was denied admission.

9. She was prevented from entering the house.

10. We must refrain from making insensitive remarks.

11. There are few apples on the tree.

12. She has few friends.

13. I got bad / poor grades.

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