Common errors in the use of pronouns

(Incorrect) Each of these girls sing well.
(Correct) Each of these girls sings well.

After each of we use a plural noun, but the verb has to be singular. Note that each is followed by a singular noun and verb.

(Incorrect) Both did not come.
(Correct) Neither came.

The structure 'both...not' is not possible in grammatically correct English. Instead we use neither.

(Incorrect) We all did not go.
(Correct) None of us went.

(Incorrect) One should love his country.
(Correct) One should love one's country.

You may also write "A man/boy/girl should love his/her country."

(Incorrect) Here is the bottle; please fill.
(Correct) Here is the bottle; please fill it.

Fill is a transitive verb. All transitive verbs must have an expressed object.

(Incorrect) Did you enjoy during the holidays?
(Correct) Did you enjoy yourself during the holidays?

Enjoy must have an object. When we talk about having a good time, we say enjoy myself/yourself etc.

(Incorrect) I with some friends decided to go fishing.
(Correct) I decided to go fishing with some friends.

Here the subject is a pronoun. As per grammatical rules, a pronoun used as a subject should not be separated from its verb if possible.

(Incorrect) I asked for a pen, but he did not give me.
(Correct) I asked for a pen, but he did not give it to me.

Some verbs like give and lend must have two expressed objects.

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