Reading comprehension exercise with answers

Read the passage given below and complete the sentences that follow : 1x5=5

George Washington was an honest man. He never told a lie. People trusted him. When he was a child, his father gave him a little axe on his birthday. He was very happy. He spent the whole day thinking what tree he should cut down with his axe. In the evening, he went to the garden with his axe. Soon, he began to cut a young cherry tree. In a short while, he had felled the tree.

In the evening his father went to the garden looking for some flowers. He noticed that somebody had cut down the cherry tree. He was very angry. He called George and said, 'Look at this tree. Somebody has cut it down. I will catch him and give him a good beating.'

George hung his head in fear. His father further asked him if he knew who had felled the tree. With tears in his eyes, George said, 'I can't tell a lie, father. I did it with the axe you gave me.'

He waited for his father to beat him, but his father took him in his arms and said, 'I am glad you told me the truth.'

(a) George Washington's father gave him a ................... on his birthday.

(b) George ...................... a young cherry tree with his axe.

(c) When George Washington's father discovered that somebody had cut down the cherry tree, he was very ..................

(d) George waited for a .......................

(e) George's father was pleased with his ......................


(a) little axe

(b) felled

(c) angry

(d) good beating

(e) honesty

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