9 Proven Techniques to Score Well in the TOEFL test

Follow these simple study tips to improve your TOEFL test score.

1. Read, read, read

To improve your TOEFL test score, read as much as you can. Read both academic and non-academic materials. Newspapers and magazines, for example, are excellent reading materials. When you come across unfamiliar words look up in the dictionary. Analyze the information structure of academic texts and understand how ideas are organized.

2. Listen to Learn

Good English listening skills are essential for success in the TOEFL test. Try to listen to something in English everyday. Listen to English TV programs, watch videos and attend English speaking classes. In short, look for opportunities to improve your English listening skills.

3. Speak English

You can’t improve your English speaking skills, if you don’t speak English on a regular basis. Make sure you use good pronunciation while speaking. Listen to audio recordings to improve your pronunciation and intonation skills.

4. Attempt practice tests

Attempt as many practice tests as possible. You will considerably improve your TOEFL test scores if you attempt practice tests. Plenty of websites provide free online sample tests for TOEFL. Attempt them. When taking practice tests try to finish them in the prescribed time frames.

5. Read each question carefully

Read each question carefully before you look at the answers. Many students commit the mistake of reading questions too fast. Read the instructions carefully before attempting each section of the test.

Most questions on the TOEFL test are straight forward. That means you don’t have to read too much into them to find the right answer. Some questions may, however, require a careful analysis. For example, some wrong answers might appear to be right answers at first glance. Don’t fall into that trap. In some cases there may be more than one right answer. If that is so, choose the most appropriate answer based on what is in the question. Even if you know the correct answer, don’t forget to read all the answer choices given. There may be a better answer.

6.Keep Time on Your Side

You won’t usually have much difficulty in finishing the TOEFL test in time. That said, it is still important to answer the questions at the correct pace. Determine how much time you can allocate for each question. Stick to that schedule and you should do fine. Don’t waste too much time on questions you don’t know. Conversely, don’t rush to answer the questions you think you know before reading them carefully.

7. Study when you are most ready

Study when are you most alert. Some students learn well in the mornings, while some others prefer to study in the evenings. Before attempting the examination, you must know what constitutes the exam. You must have a good understanding of the various sections of the test and the kind of questions that could be asked. Pay careful attention to areas where you are the weakest.

8. Make intelligent guesses

Answer all questions. In the TOEFL test there is no negative marking for wrong answers. That means you can guess when you are unsure of the answer. However, be sure to make intelligent guesses.

9. Be positive

Be positive and have faith in your ability to score well in the exam. Don’t panic when you come across a question that you can’t answer correctly. Skip it and if time permits come back to it later.

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