Adjective vs. Adverb | Confusing Cases

Some words ending in -ly are adjectives, and not normally adverbs.

Common examples are: costly, cowardly, deadly, friendly, likely, lively, lonely, lovely, silly, ugly and unlikely.

  • She has a lovely daughter.
  • Don’t be silly.
  • It was a lively discussion.

Some adverbs and adjectives have the same form.

Examples are: fast, hard, high, late, near, straight, wrong, daily, early, leisurely etc.

  • It is a fast (adjective) car.
  • fast (adjective) car goes fast (adverb).
  • He drove fast (adverb).
  • Hard (adjective) work pays.
  • You must work hard (adverb).
  • He is an early (adjective) riser.
  • I got up early (adverb) today.
  • It is easy (adjective).
  • Take it easy (adverb)

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