Adjectives or adverbs | Grammar worksheets

Complete the following sentences using appropriate words or phrases.

1. She spoke ——————

a) intelligent
b) intelligently

2. She looks ——————

a) smart
b) smartly

3. The problem appeared ———————

a) impossible
b) impossibly

4. A dark figure ——————- appeared in the doorway.

a) sudden
b) suddenly

5. I ——————– assumed that he was not interested.

a) right
b) rightly

6. We have ———————- differing opinions.

a) wide
b) widely

7. It serves him ——————

a) right
b) rightly

8. She looked —————— surprised.

a) pleasant
b) pleasantly

9. I will be back as ————— as I can.

a) quick
b) quickly

10. They left ——————– after lunch.

a) right
b) rightly

11. He was —————— punished for his crimes.

a) just
b) justly


1. She spoke intelligently.

2. She looks smart. (Look is a copular verb.)

3. The problem appeared impossible. (Appeared is a copular verb. We use adjectives, not adverbs, to modify copular verbs.)

4. A dark figure suddenly appeared in the doorway.

5. I rightly assumed that he was not interested.

6. We have widely differing opinions.

7. It serves him right.

8. She looked pleasantly surprised.

9. I will be back as quickly / quick as I can.

10. They left right after lunch. (Here right means ‘just’ or ‘exactly’.)

11. He was justly punished for his crimes.


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