Adverbs of Place

Adverbs of place answer the question where. They tell us where the action mentioned in the clause takes place. Common examples are: about, anywhere, somewhere, backward, forward, in, near, over, towards, under, away, behind, upstairs, downstairs, far, indoors, outdoors, nearby, out, down, there, here, abroad, inside, outside, above, below

No one came forward to support him.

When it is raining, I always prefer to stay indoors.

He is above average in intelligence.

There was nothing inside.

She went outside.

He drove away.

He wants to go abroad.

Put it down.

Get up.

They live nearby.

She told him to get out.

I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find my cat anywhere.

Stand here until I return.

The children are playing outdoors.

‘Come in,’ she said.

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