Adverbs Of Place

Adverbs of Place tell us where something happens.

Examples are: upstairs, here, there, nearby, everywhere, in, out etc.

  • She looked for him everywhere.
  • Please come in.
  • They bought a house nearby.
  • He lives here.
  • The boss has gone out.
  • He was seen nowhere.

Certain adverbs of place express both movement and location.

Examples are: ahead, abroad, overseas, uphill, downhill, sideways, indoor, outdoors etc.

  • My parents live abroad.
  • They climbed uphill.
  • She fell backwards.


They are normally placed at the end of a clause.

  • She took him out.
  • They all went away.
  • We went ahead.
  • The children were playing upstairs.
  • He jumped out.

They can also come at the beginning of a clause. This is common in literary writing.

  • On the hilltop an old castle stood majestically.
  • At around the corner there is a big banyan tree.
  • Out he jumped.
  • Upstairs the children were playing.

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