Alternate vs. Alternative | Class 10 English Grammar

These words are often confused. If you have meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, you can say that you have meetings on alternate daysAlternate means every other or every second.While pronouncing this word, put the stress on the first syllable al.

  • I play cricket on alternate days.
  • I see him on alternate days.
  • I water the plants on alternate days.
  • It would be nice if he had to work only on alternate days.

Alternately is an adverb. If something takes place alternately, then it takes place in turns.

  • She would cry and laugh alternately.
  • It would rain and shine alternately.
  • I am alternately happy and sad.

Alternative and alternatively

An alternative is a choice between two or more things.

  • Trains are late and overcrowded. An alternative option is to take the bus.
  • I had to obey. There was no alternative.

Alternative can also be an adjective. In this case, it means different or instead.

  • If this plan does not work out, we will have to find an alternative one.
  • Rahul is not free on Monday. We will have to find an alternative date for the conference.

Alternatively is an adverb.

  • You could wait till Rohit comes, or alternatively you could go without him.


Alternate(ly) means every second.

  • We meet on alternate days.

Alternative(ly) means the other option.

  • I had to go; there was no other alternative.

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