Apostrophe | Figure Of Speech | Class 10 English Grammar Maharashtra State Board

This lesson is based on Unit 1 of Maharashtra State Board English Textbook.

An apostrophe is a figure of speech in which a non-existent or absent person is addressed as if they are present there and capable of understanding what the speaker is saying. Apostrophes are more common in poetry than in prose.

Examples are given below.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are! (Here the poet is speaking to the star as if it is a person capable of understanding.)

Death! Where is thy sting? (Here death is being addressed as a sentient being.)

O Cave man! I wish I could live with you. (Cave man is not present here, but the poet is speaking to him as if he was there.)

Now, complete the following, creating examples of Apostrophe of your own.

(a) O, Life! How

(b) Dear God, Please

(c) Books! You are

(d) Exams! I wish

(e) O, You beautiful sky


(a) O, Life! How enchanting you are!

(b) Dear God, Please enlighten me!

(c) Books! You are a wonderful gift.

(d) Exams! I wish you didn’t exist!

(e) O, You beautiful sky, where is thy limit?

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