CBSE Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets

The class 10 English Grammar paper tests a student’s understanding of a variety of sentence patterns and exercises. These grammar exercises cover questions of those kind.

Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets

1. Does John enjoy —————— models from clay?

a) to make
b) make
c) making
d) to making

Answer: making

2. While holidaying in Toronto, Alice ————– a strong Canadian accent.

a) caught
b) earned
c) acquired
d) scored

Answer: acquired

3. —————– he was, he played well.

a) though tired
b) tired though
c) as tired
d) although tired

Answer: tired though

4. —————– she was, she could not find her way.

a) though shocked
b) although shocked
c) as shocked
d) shocked as

Answer: shocked as

5. Their front door was open, ————– nobody was at home.

a) as
b) and
c) but
d) so

Answer: but

6. The bell for school has already —————.

a) rang
b) ring
c) rung
d) ringing

Answer: rung

7. Sita ————– wait until her birthday.

a) can hardly
b) can’t hardly
c) won’t hardly
d) couldn’t hardly

Answer: can hardly

8. There were ——————- children in the class than expected.

a) few
b) fewer
c) less
d) lesser

Answer: fewer

9. We were given —————- work today than yesterday.

a) fewer
b) lesser
c) less
d) few

Answer: less

10. John has —————– on the sofa all morning.

a) laid
b) lain
c) lied
d) lay

Answer: lain

11. Each day she —————- her books neatly on the table.

a) lies
b) lays
c) lay
d) laid

Answer: lays

12. His old car goes ————— but sounds ————–.

a) quick, noisy
b) quickly, noisy
c) quickly, noisily
d) quick, noisily

Answer: quickly, noisy

13. My aunt gave me a necklace —————- I was very thankful.

a) to which
b) on which
c) at which
d) for which

Answer: for which

14. ——————- circumstances arise that work becomes available, we shall tell you.

a) could
b) would
c) should
d) must

Answer: should

15. Alice says that she has already —————- the table.

a) laid
b) lied
c) lay
d) lain

Answer: laid

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