CBSE Class 9 Letter Writing Sample | A Request Letter

This sample letter is provided for students of classes 9 and 10. It demonstrates the grammar and vocabulary appropriate for a request letter.

Task: Write a letter to your land-lord requesting him to make some urgent repairs in the house.

Request Letter Sample

Dear Mathews

I would like to bring to your kind notice that the house I am residing in urgently requires some repairs. The rains have arrived and the roof of the hall and kitchen are found leaking in many places. There are also some cracks in the front portion of the outer wall. I am worried that the wall may collapse if it doesn’t get repaired urgently. Another problem is that water collects in the back-courtyard when it rains heavily and very often enters the hind bedroom.

You are therefore requested to send someone to do the repairs at the earliest.

Thank you.



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