Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets | Editing

Which of the phrases (a), (b) or (c) should replace the word/phrase in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (d) as your answer.

Class 10 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

1. She hurt her arm as well as broke her leg.

a) had broken
b) breaking
c) break
d) No improvement

2. Alice bathed, breakfasted, dressed and was going out.

a) went out
b) had gone out
c) is going out
d) No improvement

3. Gandhiji, the father of the nation, was living a simple life.

a) had lived
b) lived
c) is living
d) No improvement

4. The weather was fine, they decided to have a picnic.

a) being fine
b) is fine
c) it being fine
d) No improvement

5. Asoka, conquered Kalinga, decided not to fight any more wars.

a) being conquered Kalinga
b) having conquered Kalinga
c) was conquered Kalinga
d) No improvement

6. The chairman, got to his feet, rebuked the protesting members who disturbed the meeting.

a) getting to his feet
b) was getting to his feet
c) get to his feet
d) No improvement

7. The police did not, yet, succeed in arresting him.

a) however
b) but
c) though
d) No improvement

8. He lifted the precious treasure gently, reverently and cautious.

a) cautiously
b) with cautiously
c) with cautious
d) No improvement

9. He is efficient, hardworking and conscientiously.

a) conscientious
b) with conscience
c) with conscientious
d) No improvement

10. The Arabs, who were being training by British officers, fought against the Germans.

a) were trained
b) had trained
c) has trained
d) No improvement

11. As soon as the minister began to speak, the demonstrators were rushing to the platform.

a) rushed
b) had rushed
c) were being rushed
d) No improvement

12. Kerala is more thickly populated than other states in India.

a) any other
b) no other
c) every other
d) No improvement

13. Iron is more useful than any other metal.

a) every other metal
b) other metals
c) all metals
d) No improvement

14. What India stands for peace should be known to everybody.

a) that
b) thus
c) there
d) No improvement

15. He gasped, he panted and was collapsing on the floor.

a) collapsed
b) had collapsed
c) has collapsed
d) No improvement

16. They waved, they cheered, they were shouting words of welcome.

a) had shouted
b) are shouting
c) shouted
d) No improvement

17. He was a simple, modest and unassuming person; though we all respected him.

a) but
b) and
c) as
d) No improvement

18. The sweet, melodious music came to a close; but there was thunderous applause.

a) and
b) yet
c) though
d) No improvement

19. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some are greatness thrust upon him.

a) have
b) has
c) had
d) No improvement

20. The proposition before the House is this if we want peace we must have prepared for war.

a) must be prepared
b) must be preparing
c) must prepared
d) No improvement

21. When Mr and Mrs Rockefeller came we gave dinner on which the mayor was also present.

a) at which
b) to which
c) by which
d) No improvement

22. There was no harm done to the car except that the windscreen cracked.

a) was cracked
b) is cracked
c) was being cracked
d) No improvement

23. Not only the crops, but cattle and sheep also destroyed.

a) were also destroyed
b) was also destroyed
c) had also destroyed
d) No improvement

24. You must not repeat this, yet you will be dismissed.

a) otherwise
b) if
c) whether
d) No improvement

25. As soon as the thief ran out of the jail, the guard was firing at him.

a) fired
b) is firing
c) was fired
d) No improvement


1. breaking
2. went out
3. lived
4. being fine
5. having conquered Kalinga
6. getting to his feet
7. however
8. cautiously
9. conscientious
10. were trained
11. rushed
12. any other
13. No improvement
14. that
15. collapsed
16. shouted
17. but
18. and
19. have
20. must be prepared
21. at which
22. was cracked
23. were also destroyed
24. otherwise
25. fired

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