Class 10 Story Writing | Write A Story From Inputs

Develop a story in about 200-250 words with the help of the inputs and give a suitable title.

Late for office ……. driving fast ……. found a young boy lying on road ……. pool of blood …….. a bike nearby ……

Class 10 English Story Example

A Surprising Turn of Events

I was already late for office. I had an important meeting at 10 am. I knew my boss would be very angry with me if I failed to turn up on time. I am almost never late for work, but today I had overslept. As I didn’t want to infuriate my boss, I was driving as fast as I could. Suddenly I saw a young man lying on the road in a pool of blood. His bike was lying around in a damaged state. Obviously he had been hit by a speeding vehicle. He was bleeding profusely. A few people were standing by but they were not doing anything to help him. I was alarmed. I imagined how my mother would react if I was the one lying on that road bleeding. I wanted to save him. I had to be in office before 10 o’clock but saving a life was even more important. I got out of my car and rushed to the boy. I asked for the help of the people who had gathered around. One of them came forward. Together we lifted the injured boy and carried him to my car. I drove fast to the nearest hospital. As I was driving I received a call from my boss. He wanted to know why I was late. I told him all that had happened. He hung up the phone.

About 30 minutes later I was standing outside the operation theatre of the city hospital. I was not thinking about the meeting I failed to attend. My only prayer was that the boy I had brought to the hospital should be saved. As I paced the corridor anxiously, I saw my boss and his wife rushing towards the operation theatre. They looked worried and his wife was crying. They had just received information that their son had met with an accident and had been admitted to city hospital. The nurse who accompanied them pointed at me and told them that I was the one who had brought their son to the hospital. I couldn’t believe my ears when I realized that the boy I tried to save was my boss’s son. As he heard this, my boss held my arms and started weeping. I consoled him and just then the surgeon came out and told us that the boy was past the critical state. I heaved a sigh of relief and my boss thanked me from the bottom of his heart. This incidence taught me an important lesson in life – good deeds never go waste.


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