Comparatives worksheet for grade 7

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate comparative adjective or adverb.

1. She is ——————- than me.

a) taller
b) more tall

2. Karan is ——————– than Pavan.

a) more intelligent
b) most intelligent

3. The sun is ——————- than any other star.

a) more bright
b) brighter
c) Either could be used here

4. Your car is —————- than mine.

a) bigger
b) more big
c) Either could be used here

5. It is —————– than you think.

a) more common
b) commoner
c) Either could be used here

6. There were —————— children than I expected.

a) fewer
b) less
c) lesser

7. We did —————— work today than yesterday.

a) less
b) fewer
c) Either could be used here

8. The child is —————— than you.

a) less ugly
b) few ugly
c) less uglier

9. She was —————— than I thought.

a) rich
b) more rich
c) richer

10. The road was —————- than the highway.

a) narrow
b) narrower
c) more narrow

11. She finished the job —————- than I did.

a) quicker
b) more quickly
c) Either could be used here

12. It was ——————– than I thought.

a) gooder
b) goodder
c) better


1. She is taller than me.

2. Karan is more intelligent than Pavan.

3. The sun is brighter than any other star.

4. Your car is bigger than mine.

5. It is more common / commoner than you think.

6. There were fewer children than I expected.

7. We did less work today than yesterday.

8. The child is less ugly than you.

9. She was richer than I thought.

10. The road was narrower than the highway.

11. She finished the job quicker / more quickly than I did.

12. It was better than I thought.


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