Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns direct attention to a specific person, place, or thing. There are only four demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these and those.

  • This is better than that.
  • Put those down – they are dirty.
  • Hello. This is Alice. Is that Ruth?
  • Who is that?

We use this/these to talk about people and things which are close to the speaker.

  • This is very nice – can I have some more?

This/these can refer to situations and experiences which are going on or just about to start.

  • Listen to this. You will like this.
  • Watch thisThis is a police message.

We use that/those to talk about people and things which are more distant from the speaker, or not present.

  • That smells great – is it for lunch?
  • Get that cat off the piano.

That/those can refer to experiences which have just finished, or which are most distant in the past.

  • Did you see that? Who said that?

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