Different forms of the same word

Noun Adjective Verb Adverb
Abundance Abundant Abound Abundantly
Activity Active Activate Actively
Agreement Agreeable Agree Agreeably
Beauty Beautiful Beautify Beautifully
Benefit Beneficial Benefit Beneficially
Brightness Bright Brighten Brightly
Climate Climatic Acclimatize  
Collection Collective Collect Collectively
Competition Competitive Compete Competently
Compulsion Compulsory / compulsive Compel Compulsively
Deafness Deaf Deafen Deafeningly
Depth Deep Deepen Deeply
Description Descriptive Describe  
Economy Economic Economize Economically
Emphasis Emphatic Emphasize Emphatically
Energy Energetic Energize Energetically
Excess Excessive Exceed Excessively
Familiarity Familiar Familiarize  
Prevention Preventive Prevent  
Practice Practical Practise  
Ridicule Ridiculous Ridicule Ridiculously
Repulsion Repulsive Repel Repulsively
Regularity Regular Regularize Regularly
Strength Strong Strengthen Strongly
Suspicion Suspicious Suspect Suspiciously
Triumph Triumphant Triumph Triumphantly
Title Titular Entitle  
Width Wide Widely Widely
Weakness Weak Weaken Weakly
Wetness Wet Wet  


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