Distributive Adjectives

There are four distributive adjectives in English: each, everyeither and neither. Distributive adjectives are used with singular nouns and singular verbs.

  • Each candidate was interviewed by the HR manager. (NOT Each candidates were interviewed by the …)
  • Each hand has five fingers.
  • Every man must do his duty.
  • There are long fields of rice on either side of the river.
  • Come on Tuesday or Wednesday. Either day is fine.
  • Neither boy is trustworthy.
  • Neither answer was correct.

Before a pronoun or a noun with a determiner (e.g. the, my, this), distributive adjectives are used with of.

  • Each of the candidates was interviewed by the HR manager. (NOT Each the candidate…) (NOT Each of the candidate…)
  • Every one of us must do our duty.
  • Either of the children is quite capable of looking after the dog.
  • Neither of the boys is dependable.

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