Exchange For vs. Exchange With

To exchange something is to give it to someone for something that they give you. The verb exchange is used with both for and with. There is a difference, though.We exchange something for something. We exchange something with someone.

Exchange for

  • I exchanged my old fridge for a new one. (= I gave my old fridge and got a new one.)
  • She exchanged her old clothes for new utensils.
  • She is eager to exchange her job in the private sector for a post in government.
  • We have to exchange dollars for rupees.
  • I would like to exchange my old desktop computer for a brand new laptop.
  • Gift coupons can be exchanged for goods.

Exchange with

  • The students exchanged pleasantries with each other. (NOT The students exchanged pleasantries for each other.)
  • I always exchange clothes with my sister.
  • They exchanged a few words with one another and left in haste.

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