How to cope with stress, so as not to burn out at work

I didn’t have time to wake up, but I was already tired. By the time I got to the office, the state was such that it’s already time to go home. No sooner had I started to write my papers, and I already had a desire to go home and watch a soap opera. And at work – all annoying. Deadlines are disrupted, go around, do nothing, but get more pay. In general, all around – lazy and stupid, and she alone – in a white coat. That’s the way many women live. That’s probably how you live, too. But why?

Let’s first answer ourselves honestly to the question: if all is so bad at your particular job, why are you still there? What is keeping you? Is the salary, for which all this round of nerves, high blood pressure and insomnia, is worth it? Or do you just like to revel in their own busyness, the importance of what “here I am – working hard”?

How about honestly?

Now this is going to hurt a little, but I’ll tell it like it is. Many of those who show their increased activity at work do so not because they are so passionate about the common cause or such ardent workaholics. For them, it’s just a way to escape from internal problems that need to be worked out. After all, in the normal course, you should have enough time and energy for work and family, and on your own hobbies, and to learn something new.

Just think about what void you are trying to fill, running around the office with a face and lamenting about how “everyone is working through one place, and I have to clean up after you”? Why don’t you just screw it? No kidding, there are reasons you’re stressed at work, and they’re not because of stupid coworkers or overcomplicated tasks. What are they? It’s no secret.

Reason one

You just run away. What are you running away from? Loneliness, from the unwillingness to be alone with yourself and take an honest look at your life situation.

From a dysfunctional situation in the family. From a child who does not want to carry all day in their arms. From problems with a man. From a relationship that is exhausting or humiliating.

If this is the case, it’s important to understand that running away tactics won’t work. The stress will build up and the difficulties will become even greater. If you feel like you are running from something, the best solution is to deal with yourself or the situation. Probably with the help of professionals.

Reason Two

Gambling is not just about the casino. At work, gambling can be both an assistant and a pest. When working for the sake of work – it’s no longer healthy. When the hyper responsibility does not let you go to sleep peacefully, when every decision must be under your control, when you are constantly involved in the process only – you have to decide something. After all, action for the sake of action itself is again an attempt to close some inner emptiness. A kind of roulette not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of the game.

Reason three

Oh, how we love to feel and impress upon others their own importance. We cultivate a sense of self-importance, and their working “feat” as if to increase it.

Women are no less guilty of this than men. They become so “strong and independent” that not only colleagues but also relatives and friends are sick of it. But a cat will take it all, right?

Signs that it’s time to change something

The symptoms of stress are very simple, but very often we do not think about the fact that it is time to sound the alarm. Here’s a checklist that will tell you right away if everything is okay in your case:

Your companions are constantly feeling anxiety and fear.

You have a hard time communicating or explaining something to someone and not to snap out of irritation.

You feel sleepy all the time, as if your senses are dulled.

You show aggression and intolerance even with your favorite people and friends.

Your eating habits change: you eat more than usual or less. You necessarily need a red drink to calm down.

You get sick more often.

But you can just avoid stress. And I say “just” is not for the sake of red tape – in fact, there is nothing difficult about it. First, it is important to understand that money – is not a tool that will solve your inner problems, get rid of fears, remove complexes and change the attitude to life. Second, it’s time to realize that life is passing, and there is no joy and pleasure in it. Why live like this?

Relieving stress

I invented it myself – myself offended. Yes, yes, women like to create their own factors for stress. Where you could exhale and draw a conclusion, she will run, scream, cause discord and wind herself up to a spring.

Let’s figure out together how to keep stressful work situations to a minimum.

The word “no” is memorized and used. You don’t want to do this job, find another one. Don’t like riding the bus – take the subway route. Annoy your coworkers – go freelance or change jobs altogether. I understand that in a state of “squirrel in the wheel” something to do and change is extremely difficult. But … it is your choice – to do and live without stress, or complain and snack on annoyance chocolates.

Anti-stress techniques

I want to bring one simple message to all women: status and money leave men. Less arguments, less aggression, more – softness. That she is the main female advantage, but not the red eyes after a sleepless night on the laptop.

In the meantime, here are three tips to help cope with negativity and stress in the moment:

1.Breathe! Take a full chest breath, inflating your stomach and exhale noisily through your nose. Slowly, calmly. This will help oxygen get to your brain and refresh your thoughts a bit.

2.Watch your back. Make sure that your neck muscles are not tight or tense, that your spine is straight, keep your posture. After all, clamps in the back are very disturbing, cause discomfort and do not allow the brain to work to its full potential.

3.Move. Try to go outside, to move even within the workplace, find at least some time for a walk.

It would seem that all this is elementary. But even these three tips will help you to better tolerate work stresses and be less irritable. And remember, no job is worth the nerve you put into it. Yes. It’s important to be a responsible and helpful person, but not to the detriment of your health. After all, even your employer needs you in your right mind and solid memory!


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