If, Unless, In Case, Provided That

We can express a condition in several ways. For example, we can use if.

  • If you heat ice, it melts.
  • If you give respect, you get respect.

Sometimes if is omitted.

  • Had I been there, there would have been no problems. (= If I had been there, there would have been no problems.)
  • Were I you, I wouldn’t refuse this offer. (= If I were you I would not refuse this offer.)

Expressing a condition using unless

We can express a condition using unless.

  • Unless you give me the keys of the safe, you will be shot.
  • Unless you agree to my proposal, you cannot expect any help from me.

By using a conjunctional phrase

A condition can be expressed using a conjunctional phrase like in case or but that.

  • In case it rains, I shall put on my raincoat.

It is also possible to express a condition using a participial phrase.

  • Supposing he does not come, what will you do?
  • I will help you provided that you follow my instructions.

The same conditional sentence or idea may be expressed in a number of ways. Study the following examples carefully.

  • You will win, if you study well.
  • You will not win, unless you study well.
  • You will win, provided that you study well.
  • In case you study well, you will win.
  • Supposing you study well, you will win

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