Inseparable Phrasal Verbs Worksheet

Complete the following sentences using appropriate phrasal verbs. The two parts of an inseparable phrasal verb cannot be separated.

Complete the following sentences.

1. I called ———————– an old friend of mine yesterday.

a) on b) in c) off

2. I am yet to get ————————– my broken heart.

a) off b) over c) out

3. We might go ———————— most of our coal reserves in a decade or so.

a) through b) over c) after

4. Who will look ————————– my dogs while I am gone?

a) out b) after c) into

5. I ran ————————- an old friend yesterday.

a) across b) over c) in

6. James ran ———————— his ex-girlfriend in the hallway.

a) into b) over c) out

7. My son takes ————————- his Dad.

a) after b) away c) out

8. The teacher asked the students to go ———————– the lessons before the exam.

a) over b) on c) after

9. The police should look ———————- the motive behind the murder.

a) into b) at c) on


1. Call on (= visit)

2. Get over (= recover from sickness or disappointment)

3. Go through (= use up, consume)

4. Look after (= take care of)

5. Ran across (run across = find by chance)

6. Ran into (= met)

7. Takes after (= resemble)

8. Go over (= review)

9. Look into (= examine)

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