Kinds of Adjectives Worksheet with Answers

Underline the adjectives in the following sentences and say what kind of adjectives they are.

1. Syama is my dearest friend.

2. They have a large house in the countryside.

3. India is an old country.

4. She has got four brothers.

5. Who is the first woman to win Bharat Ratna?

6. The sick woman was taken to hospital.

7. There aren’t many books in this library.

8. Each student has to write the exam.

9. I like all music.

10. She doesn’t have much patience.

11. These boys are very brave.

12. The room was very dark.

13. He was strong and courageous.

14. Young people are full of energy and enthusiasm.

15. Dangerous sports should be banned.

16. The water was too hot.

17. Cold weather affected my health.

18. There is a little water in the pond.

19. Few people have solved this puzzle.

20. That child is a genius.

21. The dishonest man was punished.

22. Only a clever child can solve these problems.

23. It is not the right way to go.

24. She does not earn much money.


1. dearest (Adjective of quality)

2. large (Adjective of quality)

3. old (Adjective of quality)

4. four (Adjective of number)

5. first (Adjective of number)

6. sick (Adjective of quality)

7. many(Adjective of number)

8. Each (Distributive adjective)

9. all (Adjective of quantity)

10. much (Adjective of quantity)

11. These (Demonstrative adjective) brave (Adjective of quality)

12. dark. (Adjective of quality)

13. strong, courageous. (Adjective of quality)

14. Young (Adjective of quality)

15. Dangerous (Adjective of quality)

16. hot (Adjective of quality)

17. Cold (Adjective of quality) my (possessive adjective)

18. little (Adjective of quantity)

19. Few (adjective of number) this (Demonstrative adjective)

20. That (Demonstrative adjective)

21. dishonest (Adjective of quality)

22. clever (Adjective of quality) these (Demonstrative adjective)

23. right (Adjective of quality)

24. much (Adjective of quantity)

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