Language Comprehension Practice Test For IIFT MBA Entrance

Directions 1 – 3

A number of sentences are given below which when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. From the given options choose the most logical order of sentences.

Question 1

I. Have you ever gone through a book that was so good you kept hugging yourself mentally as you read?
II. Now, notice the examples I have used.
III. Have you ever seen a play or motion picture that was so charming that you felt sheer delight as you watched it?
IV. I have not spoken of books that grip you emotionally, of plays and movies that keep you on the edge of your seat in surprise, or of food that satisfies a ravenous hunger.
V. Or perhaps you have had a portion of pumpkin pie, light and airy and mildly flavoured, and with a flaky, delicious crust, that was the last word in gustatory enjoyment.


A. I, V, III, IV, II
B. III, V, II, IV, I
C. IV, II, I, III, V
D. I, III, V, II, IV

Question 2

I. All of these help hasten download and optimize the farmer’s usage of the internet within the available bandwidth.
II. ITC has learnt invaluable lessons from finding creative local solutions to some of these apparently intractable problems.
III. Solutions include the use of RNS kits in the telephone exchanges, or setting up VSAT to tide over connectivity problems, and using solar power as the back-up source or electricity.
IV. It has also adapted special imaging techniques.
V. It has applied the template approach to manage content.


A. V, IV, I, II, III
B. V, IV, III, I, II
C. II, IV, I, V, III
D. II, III, V, IV, I

Question 3

I. Will they have the health, the education, the skills and the social cultural attitudes essential for leading the nation to prosperity and development?
II. Without a productive labour force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle management, no amount of foreign assistance or natural wealth can ensure successful development and modernization.
III. The manpower for development during the next quarter-century will come from the world’s present population of infants, children and teens.
IV. Among the natural resources which can be utilized for development, possibly the most important is human labour.
V. Since the English language doesn’t have an appropriate word to describe groups composed of both men and women, this is usually described as manpower.


A. IV, V, II, III, I
B. V, IV, II, III, I
C. II, IV, V, III, I
D. II, I, V, IV, III

Questions 4 – 7

From the choices provided, identify the pair of words which express the same relationship as the given pair.


A. Tireless : Tired
B. Tired : Habitual
C. Tireless : Habitual
D. Impoverished : Habitual


A. Criticism : nonsense
B. Illness : perseverance
C. Criticism : perseverance
D. Illness : nonsense


A. Incubate : talk nonsense
B. Weaken : talk nonsense
C. Challenge : defeat
D. Recognize : impoverish


A. Avoid : Clear
B. Digest : Eliminate
C. Eager : Playful
D. Earnest : Formative

Question 8 – 9

Choose the option which gives the correct meaning in the same order as the words.

Question 8

1. Eschew – i. pay off a debt in installments
2. Chagrin – ii. alternate between different opinions or actions
3. Amortize – iii. abstain from
4. Milk – iv. obtain by application of pressure
5. Vacillate – v. Annoyance or embarrassment caused by failure


A. 1-iii, 2-v, 3-i, 4-iv, 5-ii
B. 1-iv, 2-ii, 3-i, 4-v, 5-iii
C. 1-v, 2-i, 3-iii, 4-ii, 5-iv
D. 1-iv, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-v, 5-i

Question 9

1. Dormancy – i. find fault with someone or something
2. Latent – ii. enlist someone compulsorily
3. Orate – iii. state of inactivity
4. Conscript – iv. real but undeveloped
5. Arraign – v. speak in a pompous manner


A. 1-v, 2-iv, 3-i, 4-ii, 5-iii
B. 1-iii, 2-iv, 3-v, 4-ii, 5-i
C. 1-iii, 2-iv, 3-v, 4-i, 5-ii
D. 1-iv, 2-iii, 3-v, 4-ii, 5-i

Direction 10 – 11

Each of the following questions has four sentences. Identify the sentence which is grammatically correct.

Question 10

A. She was depressed because didn’t know what to do.
B. The man that she married him was an old colleague of mine.
C. The cat was hiding under the piano.
D. Both of them are not here.

Question 11

A. She has lost nearly each friend she had.
B. She sent them each a present.
C. I didn’t recognize her because she was dressed with a dark gown.
D. I will follow you wherever you will go.

Direction 12 – 13

Choose the most appropriate option for filling in the blanks. The sequence of words in the correct option should match the sequence of the sentences in which they should be used.

Question 12

i. It has been raining …………………………. morning.
ii. The shop is closed …………………………. the whole of May.
iii. We have been living in this street …………………………. 12 years.
iv. He has a number of celebrities …………………………….. his friends.
v. I’ll be at the office ……………………………. nine and five.


A. for, between, during, since, among
B. since, during, for, among, between
C. for, in, for, among, from
D. since, during, since, among, between

Question 13

i. They lead of life of luxury and comfort ………………………… their great wealth.
ii. We got the work finished on time ………………………….. hard work and team play.
iii. You may dial this number …………………………… emergency.
iv. ……………………………. his rude manners, he lost his job.


A. by dint of, in consequence of, by virtue of, in case of
B. by virtue of, by dint of, in case of, in consequence of
C. in consequence of, by virtue of, by dint of, in case of
D. in case of, by virtue of, in consequence of, by dint of

14. Which of the following is an example of antithesis?

A. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.
B. He fought like a lion.
C. So innocent arch, so cunningly simple.
D. Pride goeth forth on horseback, grand and gay.

15. Which of the following is an oxymoron?

A. Roll on, thou deep and dark Blue Ocean, roll!
B. Necessity is the mother of invention.
C. She accepted it as the kind cruelty of the surgeon’s knife.
D. Man proposes; God disposes.

16. Pick the word with the correct spelling.

A. Accommodation
B. Acommodation
C. Accomodation
D. Accomodetion

17. Pick the word with the correct spelling.

A. Acqueisence
B. Acquiescence
C. Acqueiscence
D. Acaueiscence


1. D. I, III, V, II, IV

2. D. II, III, V, IV, I

3. A. IV, V, II, III, I

4. C. Tireless : Habitual

5. C. Criticism : perseverance

6. B. Weaken : talk nonsense

7. A. Avoid : Clear

8. A. 1-iii, 2-v, 3-i, 4-iv, 5-ii

9. B. 1-iii, 2-iv, 3-v, 4-ii, 5-i

10. C (The cat was hiding under the piano.)

11. B (She sent them each a present.)

12. B. since, during, for, among, between

13. B. by virtue of, by dint of, in case of, in consequence of

14. A. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.

15. C. She accepted it as the kind cruelty of the surgeon’s knife.

16. A

17. B

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