List Of Collective Nouns

Here is a list of common collective nouns.

A quiver of arrows

A range of mountains

A group of dancers

A swarm of bees

A stud of horses

A string of horses

A bevy of ladies

A comb of bananas

A collection of coins

A crew of sailors

A body of men

A school of whales

A pride of lions

A bench of magistrates

A gang of thieves

A crowd of people

A host of angels

A flight of swallows

A flight of birds

A string of pearls

A stack of wood

A sheaf of grain

A set of clubs

A ream of paper

A range of mountains

A troop of scouts

A haul of fish

A company of actors

A class of students

A cluster of coconuts

A chest of drawers

A wad of notes

A flush of ducks

A flock of turkeys

A flock of swifts

A flock of bustards

A flock of birds

A staff of officials

A conference of delegates

A choir of singers

A squad of soldiers

A dynasty of kings

A regiment of soldiers

A band of musicians

A band of robbers

A patrol of policemen

A party of friends

A pack of thieves

A mob of rioters

A crew of sailors

A gaggle of geese

A team of players

An album of photos

A bundle of hay

A galaxy of stars

A library of books

A row of chairs

A shower of rain

A choir of singers

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