List of opposites

Here is a list of opposite words in English.

Abstract X concrete

Abundant X scanty

Accept X reject

Add X deduct

Affirm X deny

Affirmative X negative

Approve X condemn

Assemble X disperse

Brief X lengthy

Cancel X confirm

Changeable X constant

Chubby X skinny

Clumsy X graceful

Comedy X tragedy

Comic X serious

Concave X convex

Concrete X abstract

Confidence X diffidence

Contract X expand

Corrupt X honest

Cursed X blessed

Defeat X victory

Delete X insert

Deliberate X accidental

Departure X arrival

Descend X ascend

Disadvantageous X favourable / advantageous

Disastrous X fortunate / beneficial

Disclose X conceal

Dishearten X encourage

Disperse X assemble

Display X conceal

Diverse X similar

Divide X combine

Dwarf X giant

Earthly X heavenly

Elaborate X Simple

Elementary X Advanced

Encourage X discourage

Enjoyable X disagreeable / unpleasant

Entertaining X boring

Entire X partial

Exceptional X normal

Exhale X inhale

Expand X contract

Export X import

Exterior X interior

Famine X plenty

Fashionable X outdated

Faulty X correct

Ferocious X gentle

Flabby X firm

Following X preceding

Forbid X permit

Foreign X native

Former X latter

Frequent X rare

Friendship X enmity

Fruitful X fruitless

Gather X disperse

Goodwill X ill will

Guilt X innocence

Harsh X mild

Haughty X humble

Hazardous X safe

Hero X villain

Horizontal X vertical

Include X exclude

Increase X decrease

Inferior X superior

Inhale X exhale

Initial X final

Insult X flatter

Interior X exterior

Junior X senior

Liberty X slavery

Loyal X treacherous

Maximum X minimum

Miserly X generous

Mobile X stationary

Negative X positive

Normal X abnormal

Occasional X habitual

Optional X compulsory

Passive X active

Permanent X temporary

Presence X absence

Previous x public

Profit X loss

Reduce X increase

Refuse X accept

Repel X attract

Reveal X conceal

Rural X urban

Scorn X admiration

Severe X mild

Strength X weakness

Theoretical X practical

Transparent X opaque

Truth X falsehood

Wane X wax

Wide X narrow

Willingly X reluctantly

Wisdom X foolishness

Youthful X elderly


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