Look Over vs. Overlook | Differences

To look something over is to examine it.

  • You should get an editor to look over this document.
  • Please look over these letters. They might contain spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • I don’t think that you should take these symptoms lightly. You should have the doctor look you over. (= You should get yourself examined by the doctor.)

To overlook something is to fail to notice it. Note that you can overlook somebody or something deliberately or accidentally.

  • We can no longer afford to overlook his indiscretions.
  • Safety checks cannot be overlooked because they could lead to accidents.
  • The indulgent mom always overlooks her son’s shortcomings.

Overlook can also mean have a view of something from above.

  • They have bought a house that overlooks a beautiful lake. (= They can get a view of the lake from their house.)

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