Making negative commands

Study the following sentence. It is a command.

  • Go there.

We can convert this into a negative command by putting ‘don’t’ at the beginning.

  • Don’t go there.

More examples are given below.

  • Go near the cliff. (Positive command)
  • Don’t go near the cliff. (Negative command)
  • Talk to him. (Positive command)
  • Don’t talk to him. (Negative command)
  • Don’t be so rude.
  • Don’t call me again.
  • Don’t open that envelope.
  • Don’t waste your time.


Make the following commands negative.

1. Shout.

2. Wait.

3. Go.

4. Stop there.

5. Come here.

6. Sit there.

7. Walk on the grass.

8. Put the books on the table.

9. Wait for grandmother.

10. Look around.


1. Don’t shout.

2. Don’t wait.

3. Don’t go.

4. Don’t stop there.

5. Don’t come here.

6. Don’t sit there.

7. Don’t walk on the grass.

8. Don’t put the books on the table.

9. Don’t wait for grandmother.

10. Don’t look around.

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