Nouns Worksheet For Class 5

Point out the nouns in the following sentences and state whether they are proper, common, collective or abstract.

1. The mob became violent.

2. Always speak the truth.

3. He bought some apples.

4. We are waiting for his reply.

5. We are in a very difficult situation.

6. The boys are playing in the garden.

7. The jury has announced its verdict.

8. My family lives in India.

9. The soldiers were praised for their bravery.

10. Wisdom is better than riches.

11. John is my neighbor.

12. Alice is a doctor.


1. mob: collective noun

2. truth: abstract noun

3. apples: common noun

4. reply: abstract noun

5. situation: abstract noun

6. boys: common noun, garden: common noun

7. jury: collective noun, verdict: abstract noun

8. family: collective noun, India: proper noun

9. soldiers: common noun, bravery: abstract noun

10. wisdom: abstract noun, riches: abstract noun

11. John: proper noun, neighbor: common noun

12. Alice: proper noun, doctor: common noun

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