Object pronouns after as and than

Read the sentences are given below.

  1. She is taller than me.
  2. She is taller than I.
  3. I earn as much as him.
  4. I earn as much as he.

If you still learn English using old grammar books you might assume that the sentences 2 and 4 are the correct ones. Yes, they were once considered correct, but now the rules have changed.

In educated use, object pronouns are now used after as and than.

Note that subject pronouns are still used if the pronoun is followed by a verb.

  • I earn as much as he does. OR I earn as much as him.
  • She is taller than he is. OR She is taller than him.

Object pronouns after prepositions

Consider the two sentences given below.

  1. Nobody loves you except me.
  2. Nobody loves you except I.

Which of these two sentences are correct?

Here the second sentence can be completed to read ‘Nobody loves you except I do.’

However, when the verb is not mentioned, you should use the object pronoun.

The noun or a pronoun that follows the preposition is its object, and objects have to be in object form.

  • There are no secrets between him and me. (NOT There are no secrets between he and I.)

Here the pronouns him and me are the objects of the preposition ‘between’.

  • She sat beside him. (NOT She sat beside he.)


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