Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate passive verb form. This grammar exercise is designed for students of classes 7 and 8.

1. The prizes ———————–

a) have given away
b) have been given away
c) have being given away.

2. The accused ———————— by the police.

a) is interrogating
b) is being interrogated
c) is been interrogated

3. The minister ———————- of nepotism.

a) has accused
b) has been accused
c) has being accused

4. They ———————– back.

a) have sent
b) have been sent
c) have being sent

5. She ———————

a) has sacked
b) has been sacked
c) has being sacked

6. The catalogues ————————-

a) are printing
b) are being printed
c) are been printing

7. The hapless traveler ———————— by some thugs.

a) has assaulted
b) was assaulted
c) was assaulting

8. A new committee ——————— to assess the situation.

a) will appoint
b) will be appointed
c) will being appointed

9. The pamphlets ————————- by the children.

a) were distributing
b) were being distributed
c) were been distributed

10. The smugglers ————————-

a) have arrested
b) have been arrested
b) have being arrested


1. The prizes have been given away.

2. The accused is being interrogated by the police.

3. The minister has been accused of nepotism.

4. They have been sent back.

5. She has been sacked.

6. The catalogues are being printed.

7. The hapless traveler was assaulted by some thugs.

8. A new committee will be appointed to assess the situation.

9. The pamphlets were being distributed by the children.

10. The smugglers have been arrested.

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