Perhaps | English Usage

Perhaps and maybe have the same meaning. Perhaps is more formal than maybe.

Perhaps is used to suggest that you are not certain about something.

  • Perhaps we have met before.
  • Perhaps she missed the train.
  • Perhaps she made a mistake.
  • Perhaps he was angry.
  • She was perhaps the oldest among them.

Perhaps is also used when you are simply guessing a number or an amount.

  • There were perhaps twenty girls in the class.
  • She is perhaps eighty.

Perhaps in polite requests

Perhaps is often used to make a suggestion or a request sound more polite.

  • Perhaps you should hire a professional to fix that.
  • She doesn’t look well – perhaps she should consult a doctor.
  • I don’t know how to use this fax machine. Perhaps you could help.
  • Perhaps you could offer an explanation.

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