Phrasal Verbs And Idioms With Pull

Here is a list of phrasal verbs and idioms with pull.

Pull someone’s leg

To pull someone’s leg is to deceive them for a joke.

  • I was horrified when my brother told me that I had failed the test, but later I realized that he was just pulling my leg.

Pull something off

To pull something off is to succeed at doing something difficult.

  • I never thought that she would be able to make a presentation in front of 500 people but she pulled it off.

Pull out

To pull out is to withdraw.

  • She pulled out of the tournament at the last moment without offering any explanation.

Pull strings

To pull strings is to make use of your influence to gain an advantage.

  • Although my dad is a politician he never pulls strings for us.

Pull yourself together

To pull yourself together is to regain your self control.

  • Just pull yourself together. I know you are upset but there is no point in fighting with him at this moment.

Pull your weight

To pull your weight is to do your fair share of work.

  • If you cannot pull your weight, you had better leave.

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