Phrasal Verbs Beginning With Letter A

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter A.

Act up

When something acts up it functions improperly. When somebody acts up, they behave improperly.

  • Your little girl has started acting up again.
  • You had better get that computer repaired. It is acting up again.
Add up to

When something adds up to a certain amount, it equals that amount.

  • The total revenues from all forms of advertisement added up to $835.
Add up

When something adds up, it makes sense.

  • I don’t think that she is telling the truth. Her story just doesn’t add up.
Ask around

To ask around is to ask many people the same question.

  • I asked around but nobody had seen my kitten.
Ask out (separable)

To ask somebody out is to invite them on a date.

  • I am going to ask her out.
Ask over (separable)

To ask somebody over is to invite them to your home.

  • I have asked Susie over for dinner.

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