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Pig is one of those animals that are unlikely to invoke any positive sentiments in the mind. The sentence He is a pig can mean two things. It could mean that the person is very dirty. Or it could mean that the person eats a lot. Needless to say, nobody will be happy if you call them a pig.

The expression pigheaded means obstinate. A pigheaded person is someone who is very obstinate. It has a negative meaning.

  • You can’t make him change his mind. He is very pigheaded.

To pig out is to eat or drink too much.

  • Don’t pig out on those pizzas if you want to lose weight.
  • She likes to pig out on chocolates and cakes so I wasn’t surprised when the scales broke while she was weighing herself the other day.
  • Every weekend, the boys would head for the city and pig out on Colas and burgers.


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