Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are words like my, your, his, her, their and our. Possessive adjectives express possession.

  • This is my bag.
  • Where is your daughter?
  • I have never been to their house.
  • It is our duty to serve our country.
  • I saw her husband yesterday.
  • I love my brother.
  • The boys love their father.
  • A tree sheds its leaves in autumn.


The words mine, yours, ours, theirs, his and hers are possessive pronouns, not adjectives. A possessive pronoun can stand alone. A possessive adjective, on the other hand, is used with a noun.


  • This is my car. (Here the possessive adjective my modifies the noun car.)
  • This car is mine. (Here the possessive pronoun mine refers back to the noun car.)
  • This is his pen. Where is yours?

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