Present perfect tense worksheet for CBSE class 5

Complete the following sentences using appropriate present perfect tense forms.

1. I ———————— (finish) the job.

2. She ———————– (completed) her studies.

3. You ———————– never (buy) me anything.

4. I ———————– never (visit) their place.

5. They ———————— never (invite) me to their parties.

6. I ————————- (break) my leg.

7. I ————————– (receive) the parcel.

8. She ———————— (agree) to come.

9. They ————————– (reach) safely.

10. She ———————— (find) a good job.

11. He ———————- never (be) to the US.

12. I ————————– always (want) to be a writer.


1. I have finished the job.

2. She has completed her studies.

3. You have never bought me anything.

4. I have never visited their place.

5. They have never invited me to their parties.

6. I have broken my leg.

7. I have received the parcel.

8. She has agreed to come.

9. They have reached safely.

10. She has found a good job.

11. He has never been to the US.

12. I have always wanted to be a writer.


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