Punctuation Worksheet For Class 4

Punctuate the following sentences. Use capital letters where necessary.

1. rani is my best friend

2. where are you going now

3. what did you do then

4. what a big city mumbai is

5. where does ramesh work

6. mummy I am hungry raju cried

7. work hard said the teacher

8. are you coming with me asked manu

9. my mother is a doctor

10. what language is spoken in india

11. why are you staring at me

12. as expected raju won the first prize


1. Rani is my best friend.

2. Where are you going now?

3. What did you do then?

4. What a big city Mumbai is!

5. Where does Ramesh work?

6. ‘Mummy, I am hungry,’ Raju cried.

7. ‘Work hard,’ said the teacher.

8. ‘Are you coming with me?’ asked Manu.

9. My mother is a doctor.

10. What language is spoken in India?

11. Why are you staring at me?

12. As expected Raju won the first prize.

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