Reading Comprehension Exercise For Class 10

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. This exercise is meant for students of class 10.

Mohan Siroya runs an advertising agency. That is what he does to earn his bread and butter. But his passion is consumer activism. Siroya has spent the last two decades taking on government and private-sector giants on behalf of thousands of aggrieved consumers. He operates from a tiny cubicle in the busy Mukund Nagar on Andheri –Kurla Road. In the last two decades he has sent thousands of missives to sundry civic bodies, public and private sector banks, the railways, cooking gas agencies, garment manufacturers, malls, cops and courier firms. The letters are usually in the form of an SOS on behalf of the aggrieved.

There is a method in Siroya’s mission. When he receives a complaint, he approaches the authorities concerned with the grievance. He then waits for a few weeks. And if no action is taken by then, he sends the same complaint to newspapers as letters to the editor. Siroya has published over 3,000 letters to the editor and is also the vice-president of the All-India Letter Writer’s association. Before he established his full time consumer cell, Siroya was working in the human resource department of a consumer goods company. During the weekends he would volunteer at the consumer Guidance Society of India in South Mumbai. After retirement, he founded the advertising agency and opened this consumer cell. He is also a film journalist and critic. When a multiplex inflated the price of food and beverages at its counter, Siroya took up the matter with theatre owners and ensured that their prices matched MRPs.

Answer the following questions

1. How does Mohan Siroya make a living?

2. Where was Siroya working before he established his consumer cell?

3. Find a word from the passage which means:

a) letter
b) a cause for complaint


1. Mohan Siroya makes a living by running an advertising agency.

2. Before he established his consumer cell, Siroya was working in the human resource department of a consumer goods company.

3. a) missive; b) grievance

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