Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 10

When we report speech, we use a conjunction like that. That can be dropped after common reporting verbs like say or think.

  • She said that she would come. OR She said she would come.
  • I think that she is making a mistake. OR I think she is making a mistake.


Report the following statements.

1. She said, ‘You look beautiful.’

2. The boy said, ‘I can’t swim.’

3. The girl said, ‘I am learning English.’

4. The boy told his teacher, ‘I have forgotten to bring my identity card.’

5. The receptionist said, ‘The manager will come at 3 pm.’

6. The woman said, ‘My husband phoned yesterday.’

7. ‘Have you finished the job?’ his boss asked him.

8. ‘You should consult a doctor,’ my mother said.


1. She told me that I looked beautiful.

2. The boy said that he couldn’t swim.

3. The girl said that she was learning English.

4. The boy told his teacher that he had forgotten to bring his identity card.

5. The receptionist said that the manager would come at 3 pm.

6. The woman said that her husband had phoned the previous day / the day before.

7. His boss asked him if he had finished the job.

8. My mother suggested that I should consult a doctor. OR My mother suggested consulting a doctor.


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