Rewrite As Directed | Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Rewrite as directed

1. He seldom visits his old parents. (Begin with seldom)

2. He seldom travels by air. (Begin with seldom)

3. It is not compulsory that one should attempt all the questions. (Use needn’t)

4. Gandhiji was one of the greatest men of the 20th century. (Begin with few other)

5. She will come if you invite her. (Rewrite using unless)

6. You are prohibited from entering this room. (Use mustn’t)

7. You are obliged to obey your parents. (Use ought to)

8. It is necessary for you to attend the classes. (Use must)

9. As soon as she finished one project, she started working on the next. (Rewrite using no sooner / than)

10. She both sings and dances. (Use not only / but also)


1. Seldom does he visit his old parents. (When seldom comes at the beginning of a sentence, we use the inverted word order – that means the auxiliary verb goes before the subject.)

2. Seldom does he travel by air.

3. One needn’t attempt all the questions.

4. Few other men of the 20th century were as great as Gandhiji.

5. She will not come unless you invite her.

6. You mustn’t enter this room.

7. You ought to obey your parents.

8. You must attend the classes.

9. No sooner did she finish one project than she started working on the next.

10. She not only sings but also dances.

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