Separable Phrasal Verbs Worksheet

Complete the following sentences using appropriate phrasal verbs. The two parts of a separable phrasal verb can be separated. That means the preposition in a separable phrasal verb can go before or after the object.

Complete the following sentences.

1. The terrorists blew ————————- the bridge.

a) away b) up c) off

2. Why do you always have to bring ————————- this topic?

a) off b) away c) up

3. He was brought ————————- by his uncle.

a) up b) off c) away

4. The meeting has been called ————————–

a) off b) away c) on

5. Do this homework ————————-

a) on b) over c) away

6. She filled ———————— the bucket with water.

a) out b) up c) over

7. Give me my money ————————–

a) again b) back c) out

8. She handed ————————— her assignment and left the room.

a) in b) up c) on

9. Before you sign important papers, you must look them ————————

a) over b) away c) in

10. She spoke in such a low voice that we couldn’t make ————————— what she was saying.

a) up b) out c) off

11. Pick ———————— the adjectives from the group of words given below.

a) out b) away c) up

12. We asked the manager to put —————————- the meeting.

a) off b) away c) up

13. The firemen put ————————– the fire before it could cause any damage.

a) out b) up c) away

14. Take ———————– what I say.

a) down b) out c) off

15. He took his shoes —————————- and went to bed.

a) away b) off c) down

16. That’s such a good opportunity. Don’t just throw it ———————–

a) off b) away c) out

17. He turned the music —————————- so that he wouldn’t disturb the old woman downstairs.

a) down b) up c) out

18. Turn ————————- the lights and fans when you do not use them.

a) off b) down c) on


1. Blew up (= exploded)

2. Bring up (= mention a topic)

3. Brought up (= raised)

4. Called off (= cancelled)

5. Do this homework over. (do over = repeat a job)

6. Filled up (= filled to capacity)

7. Give me my money back.

8. Handed in (hand in = submit something)

9. Look over (= examine)

10. Make out (= understand, hear)

11. Pick out (= choose)

12. Put off (= postpone)

13. Put out (= extinguish)

14. Take down (= make a written note)

15. Took off (= remove clothing)

16. Throw away (= discard)

17. Turn down (= lower volume)

18. Turn off (= switch off)

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