So that and in order that

These structures are used to talk about purpose. So that is more common in an informal style.

The modal auxiliary verbs can, will and may are common in clauses introduced by so that.

In sentences about the past, would, could and might are used.

  • I waited so that I could meet him. (Here so that indicates the purpose of the action mentioned in the main clause.)
  • She is staying here for another six months so that she can complete her research.
  • He is learning English so that he can find a better job.
  • I am catching the morning flight so that I will reach Singapore before noon.
  • I have come early so that I can talk to you.
  • I am going to start early so that / in order that I will not get stuck in the traffic.
  • They took the child to America so that she would get the best medical care.
  • They held the party on a Sunday so that / in order that everybody would be able to attend.

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