The conventional system of marks used in writing in order to display, and clarify the structure of the text. The principal punctuation marks used in writing English are the full stop, the question mark, the exclamation mark, the comma, the semicolon, the colon, quotation marks, the apostrophe, the hyphen and the dash. Semicolon Semicolons (;) …

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Full Stop

Full stop The punctuation mark full stop (.) is used to close sentences. A new sentence that follows a full stop has a capital letter. Full stops are also used in writing abbreviations. This is becoming less common in British English. Examples are: oz. for ounce (s), Prof. for professor, i.e. for in other words …

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Dashes (–) are common in informal writing. They can be used in the same way as colons, semi-colons or brackets. There are three things I can never remember – names, faces and I have forgotten the other. A pair of dashes is used to separate a strong interruption to the sentence. • My mother – …

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